N Ave Beach Club

Juniors Club Competition

The Rules
1. A club team consists of 3 doubles teams (6 players).

2. Each pair must qualify for the specific gender & age requirement, and they play together throughout the tourney, like a normal 2's competition.

3. The format is for a one-day event; round robin pool play followed by a playoff round. 

4. Teams will be awarded points based on their playoff standings; 10 for 1st, 9 for 2nd, etc.  (If a club enters multiple teams, only the points of the top 3 teams will count.)

5. The club with the highest score wins.

6. Limit 3 club teams (i.e, 9 doubles teams) per tourney
Fee for each Club Team: only $75
(Remember, each club team consists of 3 doubles teams)
Tentative Dates/Ages/Times:
(so far - w/interest, more will be added)
June 23, Tuesday - Girls 16U; 10 - 4

June 25, Thursday - Girls 18U, 10 - 4

June 30, Tuesday - Girls 14U; 10 - 4

July 2, Thursday - Girls 12U, 10 - 4
Location: 4-Lakes, Lisle
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Great Reasons for Clubs to Participate
1. Excellent low-cost training for your players:  These events will serve as fantastic tune-ups for the major weekend beach doubles events.  (4-Lakes is a laid back venue.)

2. Promote team spirit and comaraderie in what is normally a very individualized sport.

3. Bring glory to your club & win a cool trophy.

4. Qualify for the 14 & 16u regional (7/22 - 4 Lakes) & national (7/29 - Santa Monica) AAU club championships
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